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Odette's Univers

Odette Ancel is a lingerie and swimwear brand inspired by the books of the Brothers Grimm, based in Paris. Fairy tales, art history, paintings by the Pre-Raphaelites, magic, Gothic elements, illustrations by Gustave Dore, make up his universe. Odette is a contemporary Disney princess in lingerie. Innocence and seduction, poetic romance and sexiness, princess and witch. She is Odette Ancel.... Luxury embroidered tulle, playful patterns like hearts and guns, shinny lace, ultra sophisticated materials, velvet details, jewelry, the brand is made in France and Europe. Each set features a role-playing story in deluxe codes and promises a magical journey, inspired by Disney stories.

The Valentine's Day set

Discover ''La Blessure'' , the Odette's Valentine's Day set

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